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Manifesting the reality I want through gratitude.

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Time to Breathe

Grateful for freedom! Grateful to be done with the hard part. Grateful that the best is yet to come. Grateful for blogs, Twitter, opportunities, learning, and fun.

Grateful for friends who always come at the right time and place.

So grateful for wishlist widgets and smiling lots and lots.

Keeping it simple tonight, my friends :) 

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So Grateful for Exciting Opportunities

I have been working on manifesting the feeling of excitement, and yesterday, it came to me.

Unexpectedly helping a close friend move till 5 am, getting a free, humongous disco ball out of it, and promises of a free old school arcade machine? Definitely manifested that excitement. It was a crazy night but fun for sure.

So grateful to have these opportunities here for me. So grateful to know that if I intend on getting something, it can be mine. So grateful to know that if I go with the flow, the right thing will happen. So grateful to know myself and what I want.

Today, I intend to listen to my body and eat things that make me feel my best. Today, I intend to feel excitement and happiness about the world. Today, I intend to be comfortable in the body I am in and in the place I am at, right here, right now.

Wouldn’t it be nice to manifest some extra money? Wouldn’t it be nice if today went smoothly? Wouldn’t it be nice to stay within my budget this month and save lots? Wouldn’t it be nice to find inexpensive Christmas presents? Wouldn’t it be nice   to feel a lot of joy today? Wouldn’t it be nice to be 100% content with my life today? :)

Namaste, friends.

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Evening full of things to be grateful for

So grateful for having such a wonderful day today. So grateful that my day was filled with smiles, ease, and flow. So grateful that I got so much accomplished and didn’t stress at all. So grateful for such a restorative day.

So grateful for yoga and hooping, which ground me in the now and help me channel all the beauty and flow I see in the world. So grateful that I found these two tools to instantly boost my mood.

So thankful for having fall-scented candles, fox sweaters, and pumpkin flavors to bring me to the reality I want. So thankful to spend this year enjoying the season instead of dreading it. So grateful to be thankful for the seasons. So grateful to learn to appreciate the cold.

Tomorrow, I intend to feel great. Tomorrow, I intend to chase the feeling of excitement. Tomorrow, I intend to treat myself to a yoga class and a little hooping. Tomorrow, I intend to breathe and listen to myself.

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I’m feeling an abundance of gratitude right now and I needed to capture it.

I’m so grateful for exploring new things with my hoop, new movements with my body. I am so grateful for my hoop allowing me to be imperfect, allowing me to understand how to let go, allowing me to be a work in progress.

I am so grateful that I have learned so much in such a short period of time. It was around a year ago that I really got into the law of attraction, into hooping, into living as joyously as possible. And here I am today — happier than ever in a world that I crafted. Everything has been leading up to this point. Isn’t this wonderful? I wanted this, and I got it!

I wanted a creative outlet. I wanted physical strength. I wanted self-love and body peace. I wanted to be comfortable with what is. And you know what? I’ve improved vast amounts in just the past year. 

I am so grateful for all these wonderful opportunities. 

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Happy New Year! 10 days in isn’t SO late, right?

I have so many goals and wishes for the next year. I can’t wait for this new, wonderful experience.

So much of 2013 is unplanned for me and I think that’s going to be a large lesson. I can’t control everything, after all!

I am looking forward to: laughter, adventures, travel, writing, working hard AND playing hard, taking bubble baths, moving into a house with my love, graduating, reading tons of books, going on spontaneous coffee and tea dates, meeting new people, reconnecting with old friends, weddings, birthdays, holidays, taking as many yoga classes as possible, launching new projects, realigning myself to my vision, assessing and analyzing my goals and work, and most of all, accepting that everything is exactly as it should be. 

Normally, I pick a word to embody for the year. In 2011, this was “fearless,” and this past year, it was “bloom.” I think I accomplished exactly what I wanted for each of these words. I can’t decide what my word or phrase will be for 2013. I am still waiting for it to find me. (It usually takes until after school has started up to grab me!)

I am so lucky that I was able to afford both Leonie’s life AND biz planners (only $9.99 each, though, what a steal!). These planners are helping me close the door on 2012 and open up a world of possibilities for 2013. I might chronicle my journey through the life planner on this page here, if I feel comfortable. So grateful for opportunities, beautiful and inspiring art, and intriguing prompts to help me see the world of possibilities out there!!

I am so grateful for 2013 for existing, for being here, for already being full of such love and light. Namaste, friends.

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Grateful, So Grateful

So grateful I got to go to yoga today! So grateful to have such a wonderful class. So glad to spend an hour to myself, connecting with my breath. So grateful that my focus is improving every time.

So grateful that the focus I gain in yoga translates to other aspects in my life. So grateful to be productive and focused. Eye on the prize!

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I am so grateful for all the blessed experiences I have had this year. My life has truly done a 180. I am present, aware, happy, blissful. I’m no longer stressed and miserable, depressed and self-destructive. If you had told me a year ago that I would be happy, take care of myself, and feel wonderful, I wouldn’t have believed it.

And yet, here I am.

This is the year I started so many projects. I re-discovered life design and the law of attraction and somehow, it all clicked. As Abraham would say, my vibration was just at the right match for the law of attraction this time around.

That positivity and the tools and practices that come along with it have changed my life. 

I have a  blog now, which I adore and can see me taking further in 2013. I have piercings that I have always wanted. I lived with my soulmate for three months of absolute bliss. I manifested trips to San Diego Comic Con, San Francisco, and fell in love with my future city. 

I began taking yoga classes again, which have been absolutely radical. I am a full-on feminist. I stand up for what I believe in. I know what I believe in.

I have uncovered my identity. No, scratch that. I have created my identity.

I have had so many wonderful life experiences. I have laughed with new friends in the wee hours of the night, hooped in a drum circle, watched the sun set while sipping coffee with my love.

I discovered hooping and meditation and re-discovered yoga. I discovered how to manifest in ways that really work for me, and self-help sites and podcasts, and how to make myself the happiest I’ve ever been.

Expect a longer post as a wrap-up of 2012, but wow. I am in absolute awe at everything I have done with my life this year. So lucky. So blessed.

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Today I intend to relax and have fun at my boyfriend’s parents’ house. I intend to be grateful for the opportunity to bond with his family. I intend to laugh and smile and let everything come to me easily. I let go of any feelings of nervousness and anxiousness and choose to relax into the present moment.

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